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5 Ways to Chew Steak
When You’re 100

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At Mount Vernon Dental, our focus is on our patient’s optimal oral health in conjunction with their overall health. This is often referred to as the oral-systemic connection.

There have been numerous studies on the oral-systemic connection showing links between gum disease and other diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, dementia, rheumatoid arthritis, some pregnancy complications, and more. Your mouth is a gateway for bacteria to enter the rest of your body. Keeping your mouth clean and free from bad bacteria is necessary to help maintain your optimum overall health. 

We wrote this guide, 5 Ways to Chew Steak When You’re 100, to outline the most important steps we recommend to keep you in optimum oral health so you can keep your teeth for life and live into your 100s or beyond.

Keep Chewing!

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