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Sleep bruxism is a term used to describe people who clench or grind their teeth at night, with one study finding that about 8.6% of people suffer from it according to NCBI. It can cause tooth damage and disrupted sleep, and often occurs due to daytime stress, anxiety, caffeine consumption, sleep apnea, or some combination thereof.


If you suspect that you grind your teeth at night, speak to Dr. Sprang or Dr. Stoycheff, as a custom nightguard may offer you relief from the related symptoms. Additionally, some night guards are designed specifically to promote the relaxation of your jaw muscles, something that’s useful for those who have problems with severe grinding or clenching of their teeth.

Nightguards are worn when you sleep and can help lessen the wear and tear on your teeth and help prevent fractures from occurring. A proper diagnosis is recommended so that we can provide you with a nightguard that is custom-made to your specific needs.

Caring for your nightguard

X-rays are an essential part of modern dentistry, as they provide us with the ability to identify problems that may not be apparent through a visual examination alone. X-rays allow Dr. Sprang and Dr. Stoycheff to more effectively…

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