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Digital X-Rays

Preventive Dentistry

Why dental X-rays are Important:

X-rays are an essential part of modern dentistry, as they provide us with the ability to identify problems that may not be apparent through a visual examination alone. X-rays allow Dr. Sprang and Dr. Stoycheff to more effectively…

We use digital X-rays:

Our practice uses digital dental radiographs, or digital X-rays, which are a modern improvement over traditional X-rays.

This type of X-ray uses digital sensors instead of the photographic X-ray film used in the past, allowing for enhanced computer images of oral structures such as your teeth, gums, jawbone, and more.

These types of X-rays allow us a better picture of what is happening inside of your mouth, making it easier to spot problems and provide a proper diagnosis for any conditions you may have.

Some of the advantages offered by digital X-rays include:

As with everything we do at Mount Vernon Dental, we’ve chosen to use this technology because it allows us to provide you with the highest-quality dental treatment possible.

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